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zoneflex r500

New Contributor
dropping signal, just updated to latest firmware and my R500 keep cycling the wifi signal/dropping out. even with no wifi devices connected. Using R500 as a stand alone device.

Valued Contributor II
smartselect option is ON on channel setting .... after reboot AP with smart select option ON starts to scan to find best performing channel. During this process frequent channel change may be seen depending on RF conditions existing locally..
Read more here on this feature

New Contributor III
OR it is just a problem with power adapter. Try to replace it.

New Contributor
It happens when plugged in via POE injector or straight AC power adapter. I'll try reading about smart select option to see if that might get me going in the right direction thank you for the info. I am using the firmware version Zoneflex R500 Indoor AP. (GA) Software Release. I had to update manually using the BL7 file type as any other method would not work.

Still lost connections on 5g and 2.4 side for no reason. Even wile sitting with in a few feet of the device.