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zoneflex 7982 not configuring in 40 MHz

New Contributor II

I have zoneflex 7982. I set channel width of 2.4G into 40 MHz. The settings are shown in the image. I create an SSID and associate a station. It gets connected in 20MHz. Please tell if I am missing something.

Thanks in advance.
uv. Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e6135b77e2478d340d_d301414ed5c3ed5e823287b3341b7a08_radio_settings_inline-7e1bd0a4-3961-404f-aa20-51e8ed5d89fd-1940416449.JPG1420200194

Valued Contributor
I'd say this is what you would expect in the 2,4gig band. There are probably other networks in the vicinity on other channels that are overlapping with your 40mhz channel and APs usually fall back to their primary 20mhz channel as a result.

Also check if the client supports 40mhz in the 2,4 gig band at all.

New Contributor II
hi mari,

The client supports 40mhz. There are other networks that are in the vicinity sharing same channels. In other APs, there is option to disable this fallback with the option '40Mhz intolerance'. Can you please tell how I can disable it in this AP.


Valued Contributor
I have never required this feature so I don't know.

My oppinion is that 40mhz channels have no place in the 2,4 gig band. 20MHz have enough problems as it is and I don't think you will benefit much if anything at all by using them due to massive CCI and ACI.

Hi ,

Primoz is right , 2.4ghz is already a very congested band. This alone prevent the effective use of 40Mhz.

Consider the number of channels on 2.4ghz band and assume that 40Mhz, channel bonding has been configured . which means the channel span would be from 2.4 to 2.44Ghz and if we add another 40Mhz , which would be outside of the 2.4 Band and cannot be possible to have such combination. So you will get only one non-overlapping channel in 2.4ghz with 40mhz channel width .

All the APs on same channel is generally not a good deployment , it will cause interference and degradation of the wi-fi performance.

That's the reason we do not configure 2.4ghz on 40Mhz , instead of giving good throughput it might degrade your wireless performance .

I would suggest keep your 2.4ghz band with 20Mhz channel width .