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zf7982 does not work connnected to a HP switch a5120

New Contributor

We have 3 WLAN Students, Faculty, and Guest, one vlan for each WLAN, our network has switches AVAYA and HP, vlans 70, 80, 90 for WLAN are tagged and vlan 100 is for management untagged.

When I connect the AP to the switch Avaya, it works perfect,but I need to install it a place where the closest switch is HP a5120, DHPC problem is solved, I disable the STP on the HP and I get IP addres when I connect my laptop but no the AP. The DHCP server is the firewall.

I also installed a new release of HP firmware, but it does not solve the problem.

I would appreciate your help, I really like ruckus solution but I need to install some AP in HP switches. Please help me out.