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what outdoor AP models that can established mesh more than 500m?

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Hi Michael,

Is anyone allowed to use ROWDY?

I'm allowed to use ROWDY from the Support site when i'm logged in

I think difference in distance for indoor and outdoor is mainly results of different environment -- outdoor you have LOS, indoor you have walls. Otherwise it must be similar, as in both cases radio have same power limits and similar antennas (if we compare similar APs, for example, R500 and T300). 
You can create mesh on longer distances, if you use high gain directional 5GHz antennas on ZF7762 (1km and even more), but normally you don't need that (ZF7731 is cheaper and more convenient for such needs). We have installation, where some APs are located on the poles without any way to get LAN connection there, and we have very stable meshing without additional antennas over about 500-700m with throughput 50-60 MB/s. We also have 2x ZF7762 AP meshed to root ZF7762-S AP over ~1 km (we use external 16 db 5GHz directional antenna on root AP, as ZF7762-S has no internal 5GHz antenna), works very stable, RSSI are good and throughput is  about 60 MB/s.
For distances over this we usually use ZF7731 and it works perfect.

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Hi All,

Thank you very much for the prompt reply.