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Can a 7363 AP route the same VLAN using two of its ethernet ports?

New Contributor III
Hello, a client of ours has divided his network into two parts (tech department and management department) using two switches each configured to be a part of a different network and essentially separate one department from the other. We need these two switches to connect on the same AP 7363 (using two of the three ethernet ports) but however, both switches have the same vlan id configured (vlan 10). Is it possible for the 7363 to be configured to use two of its ports to communicate with these two different networks while still using the same vlan? It is under my impression that this cannot be done through the AP, we will at least need to change the vlan used in of the two networks or even introduce another switch but as this is my client's inquiry I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Thank you for your help

Valued Contributor II
You actually can. What you need, to have from both switches access ports (so they VLAN is irrelevant, as there is no tag on packets), than configure 2 ports on AP in different VLANs (also as access ports) and you can create 2 different SSID, terminated to this 2 VLANs. What you can't do, put both of them on 1 SSID, as for AP this are diffrent VLANs.
VLAN is a local thing and makes sense in a switch only, when packet leaves a switch, tag may change or be removed at all.