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what is RF Power output value in any ruckus access point datasheet?

New Contributor II
what is RF Power output value in any ruckus access point datasheet? is the gain already included in that value? for reference take r600 ap it has rf output power 27dBm and gain 3dBi. so what power level i can use in ESS (Ekahau site survey) tool to do the heatmap with the half power out from access point?

New Contributor II
can anyone reply on it soon,


Don't pay attention to the value from datasheets. It is the maximum technical possible output power. The allowed RF Power (EIRP) depends on country channels and power regulations. For example the max EIRP in Germany is 20dBm for 2,4GHz and 23dBm for 5GHz.

At the beginning of configuration of AP you have to choose a country. After that the maximum allowed AP gain will be limited automatically. For R600 for 2,4GHz in Germany it will be 17dBm due to the antenna gain is 3 dBi. (20-3=17). If you would like to decrease the output power you have to configure an extra attenuation from 1 to 10 dB. It means you can change the EIRP in my particular example from 10 to 20 dBm for 2,4GHz.

The Ekahau site survey tool shows the EIRP also. And actually it is exactly what do you need. Firstly increase the Tx Power until you reach the maximum allowed EIRP in your country. And then decrease the Tx Power with a 1dB step to reach the power you need. 

If you need an the half power out from AP, your EIRP should be 3dB less as max EIRP