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Can anyone point me to docs for configuring a T301e?

New Contributor
Can anyone point me to docs for configuring a T301e? The AP is up and running under my Unleashed Master.  I want to enable the external 5GHz antennas, but can't find any configuration parameters other than basic channel and power level settings in the Unleashed dashboard.  Any insight appreciated.

New Contributor III
Unleashed GUI >> Access Points >> Select Summary >>Edit >> Others > Choose t300e in model specific control >>External Antenna 

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New Contributor
Many thanks!

Esteemed Contributor II
Oops!  Screen shot is to configure T300e model outdoor AP.  The T301e is not supported yet (will be in 200.6 release).

Shrug, Do you have a T301e running 200.5 Unleashed code in your network today?  Or are you Beta testing?

I'm also new product introduction engineer for our Unleashed product. This is from pre-release
Release Notes, and will add all 4 flavors of new T310 Series outdoor APs (c = commercial temp to -20c, d=
industrial temp to -40c, s=120 degree sector, n=narrow 30 degree):

Supported Platforms
Unleashed version supports the following Ruckus AP models:
• C110
• E510
• H320
• H510
• R310
• R500
• R510
• R600
• R610
• R710
• R720
• T300
• T300e
• T301n
• T301s
• T310c
• T310d
• T310n
• T310s
• T610
• T610s
• T710
• T710s

And before you ask ETA is still a month or so away, thanks.