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t710 to t710 wireless connection help

New Contributor
I am using two T710’s. One is at a building approximately 220’ away at my IDF. My goal is to shoot a wireless connection to my MDF where my other T710 is located. Both are on PoE switches. The documentation is vague concerning setup. I do see both 710’s from my laptop. How do I get both 710’s to link up? Any help would be much appreciated

Esteemed Contributor II
Do you have a controller, ie. ZD1200 or virtual SmartZone?  With Mesh enabled, if the two APs have RSSI >= 25 between each other, they will link that way.
Otherwise, you can load Unleashed firmware on two T710s APs, and the wired side with def-gw/DHCP will be Master, and other can Mesh as a Member AP.
Remember, the T710s means "sectorized" antenna, and aiming them at each other and your line-of-sight / fresnel zone will be important.

RUCKUS Team Member
To have 2 Ruckus AP's interconnect wirelessly they need to run MESH functionality which requires a controller.

Luckily Ruckus has a free integrated wireless solution - Unleashed - that puts the Zone Director controller feature into the AP

You need to install the 200.8 version of Unleashed code into both AP's

It would be easiest to set these up on the bench in the MDF .... Once you have installed the firmware on one AP and connected it to a DHCP server you should be able to access the Unleashed controller configuration page and enable MESH.  For the moment connect the  second AP to the same wired network (with DHCP on same IP subnet) and can join the first AP which will act as Master as a Member AP and MESH will be enabled.  Once both AP's are up with the Unleashed firmware and have formed an Unleashed network you should be able to move the second AP to the IDF.  The key is that the Default Gateway must be reachable on the Master AP in the MDF.  IF the second AP does not detect the Default Gateway on its' Ethernet port (even connected to an IDF switch) then it should bring up the MESH connection and reconnect to the Master AP at the MDF (as long as the RF signal is good enough - 25dB SNR or better for good throughput).  The MESH network will bridge the IDF network to the MDF over the MESH connection.

Check out the Quick Start Guides and User Guides on the Ruckus support site for more details in setting this up

Hope this helps