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standalone zoneflex 7372 - private / public wifi - pfsense firewall - cisco catyalst 3560 switch

New Contributor II
just got my first ruckus access point ZF7372, would like to set up private wifi for family, and public wifi for guests. 

    have Dell Poweredge 2950 Dual Xeon 5160 3GHz 8GB running pfSense Firewall 
with 6 x gigabit NICs and cisco catyalst 3560 switch. 

any suggestions how to accomplish this?  what is best practices on connecting the ZF7372 to the network and separating the public/private wifis,   im assuming vlans set up in the switch, in the access point/ssids, and pfsense? kind of new to all this, eager to learn. 

current setup is  cable modem>pfsense wan>switch>ZF7372 
switch  is setup all ports vlan 1 default

does the standalone ap get trunked to the switch?
does the pfsense router get trunked to the switch?

ok thanks , the issue was the dhcp server, once i stopped on all interfaces and brought back up, ip assignment took place on the virtual interfaces,now everything is working as expected.

Glad everything is working.  Let us know if you need anything else.  Enjoy your Ruckus AP 🙂

New Contributor II
Hello , 
           this is not really ruckus related , i asked for some help in the pfsense forum with no replys.

I have the same setup;
                                     cable modem >> pfsense wan interface
                                     pfsense LAN interface >> Cisco 3560 switch
                                     Ruckus 7372 >> Switch
have recently come across a cisco 2851 router 2 7960 ip phones, and 10 7920 wireless ip phones

could use some help getting them online.
   funny story , when i first got the router and phones, i had them connecting to the router, and they could all call each other by extension, even got as far as registering the call manager to flowroute.  and then the router lost power, and the config was not saved.


btw ruckus is awesome, i watched this video on beamforming, antennas and waves.
awesome technology and company