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SNMP on Unleashed R500

New Contributor

Have 3x Ruckus R500s running unleashed. SNMP v2 is enabled in management interface.

The first two WAPs that were set up (Master and Standby Master) report settings just fine. The 3rd WAP has no response to SNMP queries.

I’ve disabled and re-enabled SNMP, power cycled the third one, removed it and added it back, and had it take over as Standby-Master and then Master. No change to it. Do I have a bad WAP?


Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Peter, pls try a factory default of the suspect AP and see if that restores SNMP access (as Master, Standby Master, or just Member AP) ?

New Contributor
Do we have any confirmation of a result on this issue? We are having the same issue with one of the three R600's on a site. The Master and Standby Master are showing up on our monitoring device fine, but the third AP isn't sending any SNMP information. Is there any way to log into and individual AP through the WebUI? Will I have to remove it from the house dashboard and then factory reset it?

Edit: We took the Standby-Master down yesterday to do work on the line and the slave jumped into the role as the Standby-Master, but whats strange is they have traded IP addresses and now the AP that was the Standby-Master has stopped broadcasting SNMP information!