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setting in wifi frequency channel

New Contributor

Around 200APs (ZF7343) are running in a property. How to configure the frequency in the ZD to avoid interference each other?

Which is better, auto or manual, to assign the freq channels?

If using auto, will it have any service interruption for users when change of frequency channel?

Look forward to hear your advice. Thxs.

Valued Contributor
I'd say there are only about 0.01% of times you set the channels manually. A vendor can implement an algorithm that is much better than what you can manage.

With auto you have 2 features. Background scanning and ChannelFly. A general rule I found out was to use CF in high interference locations. If spectrum is relatively clear you can use BG scanning. But in the end you might want to use both and test.

New Contributor
Thank you for your helpful reply.