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ruckus r350 antenna pattern

New Contributor


is it possible to have an antenna pattern diagram for ap r350 that has db values on it? The one provided in the tech specs has no db values on it so it becomes impossibile to understand the actual capabilities of r350's antenna.




Valued Contributor II

I would say, dbs are nor so much relevant. Difference between different antennas is a few db, and 2-3 db doesn't make a any real difference in data transfer speed -- what plays much more role is SNR,  AP sensitivity and noise level, dynamic range, speed choice algorithm,  etc.

Antenna pattern is important just to understand the pattern -- which is more or less omnidirectional.    

Ruckus AP are good because they are good in many areas -- good sensitivity, efficient interference  prevention, active antenna optimisation, efficient polarisation diversity, etc. Each adds some benefit, and result is more than each part itself.  


Hi, thank you for your reply.

I need db values on antenna patter diagram because I have to simulate ap R350 antenna using a RF planning software which needs db valeus to scale the antenna pattern for heatmap generation.

Since every AP manufacturer I worked with provides such diagram, I guessed that Ruckus did too...