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Ruckus R320 Solo not returning to manually set DFS channel after radar event

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Ruckus Pack: 

Good morning! The Subject line says it all: I have a pilot installation of a single new Ruckus R320 Solo, running firmware, that was configured to use the DFS channel 52. At some point this unit detected radar (the event was flushed out of the local log by new entries) and switched to the non-DFS channel 48; but, the access point never returned to the DFS channel. Two weeks passed and the AP was still using channel 48 in spite of being set to 52. I manually changed the channel back to 52 by pressing save on the configuration page and the access point has been running on this channel for over a day without changing. How do I configure this access point to automatically move back to the statically assigned DFS channel when no radar is detected for a period of time (say 30 minutes to an hour)? As far as I can tell the AP is not even trying to move back. I've scoured the CLI documentation and I'm not seeing any options that explicitly appear to do this. The "set rescan : set rescan {options}" command appears to be my best bet but the documentation doesn't really describe what this option does. Any assistance that the pack might be able to provide to help me get the desired behavior of automatically changing back to the manually-set DFS channel after radar is not detected would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you have any questions; and, thank you for your time--and for your support!

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