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reconfiguring zone director 1200, how to get setup wizard?

New Contributor
We are in a space with an existing Zone Director 1200 and 3 Ruckus APs and need to configure all of them to our new network (Wifi and Ethernet are working). We have tried connecting the Zone Director directly to our laptop (Mac) via Ethernet but cannot figure out how to get into the Zone Director to make any changes or even get to a setup wizard. Any guidance, suggestions, help would be highly appreciated. I feel like we're sitting on top of a great machine, just need to find the keys.

Thank you


Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello Anne,

As this is an existing ZD, there should be an IP assigned to it. Configure an IP address on the laptop in the same range and connect the ZD directly to it. You should be able to access the ZD now.

If you performed a reset on the ZD, then you can access it on the default IP address Laptop's IP address should also be in the same range to access the setup wizard of ZD.

- Anusha

New Contributor
Thanks for the quick response. I will try again tomorrow and will report back. Anne