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rate limit not working

New Contributor II
i have a t310c, when configure rate limit at 5 mbps and runs a speedtest in a laptop or device, test shows 5.04, 5.17, 5.30 mbps, in other cases, shows 4.95, 4, 85, etc, so, my question is, why rate limit exceeds the limit configured?  i make another test with 10 mbps rate limit and occures the same..some cases have 9.90 mbps or 10.3 mbps, that menas the rate limit again exceed the limit...? have you an answer for?

regards guys, youre great

Alex Cordova

New Contributor III
To me it is working. You will not get a consistent speed of 5Mbps. How TCP works and how the traffic flows in and out of the network will dictate the ups and downs. 

Keep in mind that traffic that exceeds the limit is dropped and clients will re-transmit any dropped packets. So if you have a busy network where users are hitting the limit, re-transmits could soar which has a negative effect on the wireless side (airtime) 

New Contributor II
tanx for your answer.
ok, i undesrtand that but, this occurs only in uplink, so, why it doesnt occurs in downlink.

we are in test with a client that requires consistent test with the rate limit without this exceed.

are there some cases or more information about youre talking

veste regards guys 🙂