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r770 how to setup 6 GHz wifi

New Contributor II

Hi I can't seem to find any how to's on setting up the wifi 6 of the r770. Can someone point me in the right direction please. I know it's accoplished via the CLI but where is the documentation ?


New Contributor

Can I disable the 6Ghz in R770 to save the PoE power so that the PoE+ switch can still operate?

New Contributor II

Hi ckhlee, yes I suppose you could disable the 6GHZ radio with

set wlan16 state down

But I would also change the POE power setting with

"get power-mode"  to list the info, then to set it use which ever poe power setting you wish below is what I have on one of mine...

rkscli: get power-mode
PoE Configured Mode : Auto
Power Consumption Status : PoE Injector
USB Status : Disabled
rkscli: set power [double tab to get the extra info]
Commands starting with 'set power' :
set power-mode : set power-mode {auto|af|at|bt5}
-- Change 802.3 PoE Operating Mode

rkscli: set power-mode [auto|af|at|bt5]  BT5 being the higest

Hope this helps you.


New Contributor

Hi Teudis, Thanks. After disabled 6Ghz, once we set the R770 back to power mode at AT, would the antenna power distorted or can still sustain around ~22db? 

New Contributor II

Hi again, once the power mode is adjusted then the power outputs of the radios will change, according to the official chart at AT power mode the max power is 16db for 2.4ghz and 15db for 5+6Ghz.