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could not access AP T610 to configure.

hello everyone,

I am using ruckus outdoor AP T610. But I could not access to it to configure. 

My devices:
1. Access Point outdoor AP T610
2. PoE TPLink TL-POE150S

My diagram:
Switch <---> PoE <--> PoE port in AP T610.

then I see the light PWR is green, and CTL is slow flashing green. Then I connect to SSID Configure.Me-27****, then it notifies: No internet. And I could not access the address:, also 

I tried to reset the AP, but nothing to change.

My purpose: I installed virtual Smart Zone, so i will use it for managing the ruckus AP.

Could you please give me advice? Thanks a lot!


Esteemed Contributor II
Do you have a DHCP server and def-gw router on the network with the AP?
Can you ping the SmartZone controller from that LAN (if you plug a PC into the AP port)?

But if you intend to manage this AP with SmartZone, you will need to replace it's Unleashed firmware with Solo AP code.

Unleashed is designed not to join a ZD or SZ controller.

great! thank you so much. 
yesterday, guys from ruckus support helped me solve this. But, your information is still useful for me 🙂


how did you solve this?

i’d love to know how you solve this