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r770 how to setup 6 GHz wifi

New Contributor II

Hi I can't seem to find any how to's on setting up the wifi 6 of the r770. Can someone point me in the right direction please. I know it's accoplished via the CLI but where is the documentation ?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Teudis,

Thank you for reaching Ruckus Networks. Could you please share us the below:

>>Controller model:

>>Controller version:

>>AP version:


Ashwin M

New Contributor II

Hi AshwinM

I have a standalone setup:

rkscli: get version
Ruckus R770 Multimedia Hotzone Wireless AP


Team, one thing I did not realise to use 6Ghz with Windows, you must have Windows 11 and also WPA3. If your AP has clients connected on 6Ghz you will see a Blue LED light turn on the front of the AP.

New Contributor II

Hi everyone, I finally worked out how to enable 6GHZ on the r770 and I suspect on anyother AP that has 6GHZ. I did not get any response to my original question which is sad.

Any how here is what I have managed to work out

If you have the r770 AP and are using the Ruckus POE injector you must set the power mode manually to bt5
'set power-mode bt5' (credit to Ruckus team member on another thread)
In my case the http/https webui was disabled from factory so that needs to be enabled with
'set http enable' or set https enable'
next set the ssid
'set ssid wlan16 [what every you want ]
next is encryption
'set encryption wlan16' I have used the following options: 1 wpa, 1 wpa3, 1 sae, 1 aes-ccmp, password, 3 h2e only
'set state up'
and if you wish to adjust the tx power then
'set txpower wlan16 [choose option]'

Hope this helps