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how to read log analysis tool "clients sections"

New Contributor III

I am new to the ruckus, and I need an information about the log.
I need to know about the interval time about client uptime and any others detail about my client behavior. 

Below I've just found it the ruckus support website which it has a tool to create a few report about the AP or ZD. Here is the link I use https://loganalyzer1.ruckuswireless*com/Rowdy/

So, lucky to find that tools. Thank you for the support. 
But I have a question about it. I really know how to read the log, especially for clients log.
Is there any help/guide so I can be able to read the log?

I still don't know how to exactly read the detail about the log information, like below:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3e1135b77e2478c4def_8058c388351531ca55a03c0c4e1ada01_RackMultipart201512105780x3zc8-d97f3604-bc41-472d-9e77-9cfe66a28017-1450841070.jpg1449752528

May I get the answer?
Thank you,