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how do i remove an access point from being controller by a ZD and configure it as a standalone?

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Community Manager

To use the ZD managed AP in standalone mode, you need to hard reset the AP by disconnecting it from the network.

- Anusha

I would take the following approach:

1. Disable auto AP join on your ZD
2. Configure DHCP on your ZD to assign 1 x IP address
3. Remove AP you no longer want on  the ZD from ZD AP table
4. Factory reset AP
5. Check your ZD DCHP server to obtain the AP's IP address

Note: You can also do the following steps if you would like other AP's to auto join your ZD in the future, but stop that AP from joining

6. Flash the AP with base 100 image
7. Disable discovery agent:
set discovery-agent disabled
8. Enable Auto AP join on ZD

Good Luck