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Wich stable FW for both ZD1100,1200,3000 and some standalone AP ?

New Contributor II

I have some problems with the lastest FW... they are no more universal for ZD controled AP, and standalone AP...

I need one who work whith all my models of Zone directors (actually 1100,1200 and 3K) ans also who let the AP working in standalone mode.

We deploy often for temporary using and sometime the timming is very short and the time to deploy sandalone FW is not aviable.

the AP we used are: ZF7982, 7372, 7782S, R700, T301n and t301s.


Contributor III (MR3) is the build that you need as its supported by all your hardware:

Good Luck

Esteemed Contributor II
While ZD 9.8.3 is the latest ZoneDirector firmware to support all those AP models, you can run Standalone image where you need/want to.

7982, 7372, R700 use this:
7782s, T301n, T301s use this:

APs running the Standalone 100.x firmware, can be directed to connect to a ZD with DHCP option 43, DNS 'director.localdomain', or manual AP CLI 'set director ip a.b.c.d (a.b.c.e)' commands.

Valued Contributor II
Wow, I didn't know that was doable, and the ZD won't try to upgrade the firmware on the standalone AP's? What's the range of backwards compatibility for this? seems a lot like 9.12.1 MR refresh — if ZD1100 can manage it, it seems to breathe some new life into it for managing AC AP's.

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, a ZD will re-flash any Standalone AP to whatever version the ZD is running (ie
But..., APs being used as Standalone, ie. not on the same VLAN/subnet or at the same location, can run the (similar to ZD 9.12.1 MR) features and bug fixes.