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hot to avoid https warning in stand alone hotspot?

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I'm using some ruckus AP as stand alone, and I'm using it's hotspot feature. I have installed a web server and a Radius server to work with the Radius AP, and everything works! But I have a problem when I'm doing the authentication. In webserver I have used this code given by support team:

//<br />function get_param(name)<br />{<br />    if (location.href.indexOf("?") >= 0) {<br />        var query=location.href.split("?")[1];<br />        var params=query.split("&");<br />        for (var i = 0; i < params.length; i ++) {<br />            var value_pair=params[i].split("=");<br />            if (value_pair[0] == name) {<br />                return unescape(value_pair[1]);<br />            }<br />        }<br />    }<br />    return "";<br />}<br /><br />function submit_login()<br />{<br />    var action = "<a href="https://" rel="nofollow">https://</a>" + get_param("uamip") + ":" + get_param("uamhttps") + "/login";<br />    document.login_form.action = action;<br />    document.login_form.userurl.value = get_param("userurl");<br />    return true;<br />}<br />//

Wireless Internet Service


when the user clicks on Login button, he sees a secure SSL warning on web browser looking for the certificate of

I have a lot of problems with clients because that warning. I have to avoid this warning.

I have tested a cloud4wi hotspot using the same Ruckus AP and the same configuration, and that scenario doesn't have this problem, so there is a way to avoid asking to Can you advice me what to do?


Esteemed Contributor II
UAM IP address is the Default internal interface for L2/3 operation.

Reference KBA-1523: How to configure Hotspot on a standalone AP.