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Losing connectivity to gateway with wireless client isolation

New Contributor II
Hi all,

Every now and then, my phone will lose connectivity to the gateway.

Summary below.
1. I have 3 R610 APs controlled by Unleashed.
2. I have a wireless network with "Isolate wireless client traffic from all hosts on the same VLAN/subnet" turned on.
3. I have whitelisted the gateway.
4. I can ping the gateway when things are working.

When things go wrong, the following happens.
a. I can't ping the gateway.
b. I'm still connected to the wireless.
c. I can see my phone listed in the client list in Unleashed.
d. When I untick "Isolate wireless client traffic from all hosts on the same VLAN/subnet", that doesn't solve the issue.

Has anyone seen the following happen to them? And were you able to resolve the issue?


Edit: Looks like turning off client isolation doesn't solve the issue, so I've correct that in my original post.