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finding mac address of wired device on a 2nd port of AP

New Contributor II
I have a hotel with r700 where we had to use the spare port on the AP for devices in the room. The problem I have is other than seeing a link-up on the port, I can't find the mac address of the device connected. I looked through the whole system diag log of the AP and couldn't find this info.

Is this hidden somewhere? I thought we could see clients under Monitor -> Wired Clients, but this is only for 802.1x or tunneled devices. Doesn't the AP have some kind of MAC forwarding table? Its acting as a 2 port switch if you can configure VLANs on the port so I would of thought it would...

on a separate note we do use 802.1x on the wifi, but not on the hard wired, since cable connections don't move and would be easier to manage on that front (just connect the device and no prior configuration needed), so we configured spare port on the AP for the vlan of the room.

I would always follow Ruckus recommendations in regards to wired clients and MESH:


Try this command on the AP get macdb

AWESOME, that's what I was looking for.

😉 I figured it was what you were looking for.  Regarding the load on that port, think of it as a standard switch and treat it as such.  It is not a centralized switch or meant for huge capacity, but your AppleTV and many other things will run perfectly on it.  I have a NAS, Media center, Desktop, Printer and my entire home TV system from my cable provider running behind that second port and a gigabit switch I connected to it.  That same AP is a mesh unit connecting to a root unit in my main lab.  You would never notice that my entire home TV services and streaming (music/video, you name it) runs behind an AP port connected to a switch and bridging everything over the air to a root AP and then to the internet.  It all runs flawless and I tap out my ISP connection from any device I connect to this network. 

So fear not, that's what our APs are made for.