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REALTIME SCENARIO need explanation friends.

New Contributor II
Hello everyone,could some one please provide the information for this scenario.I have two zone directors(ZD) for example "ABC" location we have ZD1 and XYZ location we have ZD2 and these two ZD's are in different subnets and in different locations, these are connected through WAN link,we assume ZD1 is primary and ZD2 is secondary, for some reasons wan was disconnected until the wan connection comes up will both ZD's can act as primary ZD's for their respective access points is my question,and will this scenario in real time workout?

Esteemed Contributor II
Yes, your two ZDs can each maintain local AP connections if the WAN link between them goes down.

When you configure the two ZDs as Smart Redundancy peers on Configure/System, also go to

Configure/Access Points, and under AP Policies configure both ZoneDirector IP addresses under

the Limited ZD Discovery section.  You can specify which you would prefer to be primary ZD here.

Your DHCP server(s) may be configured to provide IP addresses to your APs, and they should

provide both ZD IPs in Option 43, and/or in DNS for 'zonedirector.localdomain' hostname.

If the APs cannot reach the primary ZD, perhaps for temporary WAN outage, they will connect to

the ZD that is reachable, and continue to operate and provide local services.  You could end up

with two ZDs and half of your APs connected to each of them.