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disable Cloud Discovery Agent (FQDN) (via cli ? seems only possible via web int)

AP Standalone FW 104.x  or 106.x -

Does anyone know how (or if possible) to disable the Cloud Discovery Agent (FQDN) via CLI / ssh ?

The option appears in web interface -> management  (and can be enabled/disabled in web)

however ive looked though all help xyzgroup (and help ) and cant find anything to disable this via cli. 
Forum searches (via google and built-in) also comes up with nothing.   

I did find a manual entry stating that:
Cloud Discovery Agent (FQDN) :  Enabled (default) -- Fully Qualified
Domain Name cloud discovery on; requires enabled LWAPP controller discovery Enabled

(so perhaps my disabling of LWAPP via command below is sufficient, but i would really like to be able to disable this via CLI)

Im looking for something like set XYZ disable.

for those curious, below are the cli commands ive found/used to disable all discovery (ie if you need to run a standalone AP in an environment with a controller on L2):

set l2-discovery disable

set scg disable

set discovery-agent disable

set remote-mgmt off