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disable Cloud Discovery Agent (FQDN) (via cli ? seems only possible via web int)

AP Standalone FW 104.x  or 106.x -

Does anyone know how (or if possible) to disable the Cloud Discovery Agent (FQDN) via CLI / ssh ?

The option appears in web interface -> management  (and can be enabled/disabled in web)

however ive looked though all help xyzgroup (and help ) and cant find anything to disable this via cli. 
Forum searches (via google and built-in) also comes up with nothing.   

I did find a manual entry stating that:
Cloud Discovery Agent (FQDN) :  Enabled (default) -- Fully Qualified
Domain Name cloud discovery on; requires enabled LWAPP controller discovery Enabled

(so perhaps my disabling of LWAPP via command below is sufficient, but i would really like to be able to disable this via CLI)

Im looking for something like set XYZ disable.

for those curious, below are the cli commands ive found/used to disable all discovery (ie if you need to run a standalone AP in an environment with a controller on L2):

set l2-discovery disable

set scg disable

set discovery-agent disable

set remote-mgmt off


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I don't know that you can disable this function any longer...  The Cloud discovery agent is built into Ruckus AP firmware
with the purpose of checking our AP Registrar which notifies APs of their designated controller IP/FQDN, so an AP will
go to the Cloud and not check locally for a controller in the case of our Cloud Wi-Fi platform, and large providers use APIs
to configure their AP/Controller provisioning details this way too.

If you want to use a Solo AP along side ZD managed APs, use this command via SSH into the AP(s):

set  director  ip

This command will persist after a reboot, but not a factory default.  I hope this is helpful.