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change boot image in R500

ok , im into the  CLI of a ruckus R500
it has 2 images inside :
1. an unleashed  200.x
2. a 100.x

the current  startup image is set to image 2, connecting it to a zd1205, just continually gets firmware update loops.

if I can kick it BACK to the 200.x  unleashed image , i have a migration path to get it intergrated wih the ZD 1200
I know my track works becasue i have  taken other AP's this way today.

Don't bother telling me about "factory-reset" or 30-30-30, or anything else like that, IT DOES NOT WORK.
factory reset just resets the config but still uses the 100.x image.

What i need to do is get it switched back to the unleashed which is in image1


Er...... there were no   unleased points.. this last  wifi to be migrated was the old master
 "set factory"

would NOT work, the menues remaind the same,  same with 30-30-30.
I clearly pointed this out in my first post.

once i took the wifi out of range of the other wifi, which were totally unconnected to it at this stage
only then did the  "set factory" , "reboot" funnction & get back the missing " upgrade menu"

at this stage I could finally upload the firmware , that was needed