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can i downgrade a 7372 firmware from 10.1 back to 9.8

New Contributor II
Downgrade of firmware - I read that plugging in an AP already on V10.1.1 but with the controller (ZD3050) on V9.8.2 would automatically downgrade the firmware back to the older version.  It has not done so.  Should it, or is there another way to use newer builds on older controllers?

New Contributor II
Hi jay, thanks for replying, so I have a 7372 on v10.1 but the ZD is on 9.8.  Where can I get the files to upgrade the controler and then of course I will need to step the ZD back to keep control of my 7363s (v9.8 highest they take I understand)   

Can i do it all by local file to the APs connected to a laptop not the ZD? With the right files of course

Contributor III
Hi Dave,

Above is the case.

How many APs you have ? If there are only few then you could follow below steps.

Please enable FTP server on the ZD, and download the AP firmware and upload this firmware on all the APs after reboot; you should see them on the controller.

Sorry for late reply.

To enable FTP server on please get into enable mode and enter "system" settings.

Hope this helps!!!

Abilash PR.

Yes, you can. Ideally you would just leave the APs connected and upgrade/downgrade the ZD, which would then automatically upgrade/downgrade the APs' firmware to match the ZD build. 

But you seem to be in a more complicated spot (ZD on 9.8 won't be able to talk to APs running 10.1). So yes, I suggest doing the AP downgrades using a laptop connected directly to the AP. 

Here's what I would do: 

1. If ZD is already on 9.8, leave it there, and check to make sure it can control your 7363s.  
2. Once the ZD and 7363s are working properly on 9.8, downgrade your 7372s to Standalone (Solo) AP firmware 100.1 or earlier - you could also use Solo AP firmware 9.8.2 (see 
3. Connect the 7372s to the ZD network and allow them to join. They should automatically up/downgrade to ZD 9.8 firmware this time.  

Hope it helps!