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Virtual SmartZone Firmware Zones

New Contributor
We have a vSZ-E running firmware and managing multiples R610, R310, R300 and R600 Access Points.
Our idea is upgrade the controller to firmware 5.1 and create a zone to APs R610, R600 and R310. Than we create another zone on firmware 3.6.2 to support R300 APs.
We can do that? It's possible?

you have to create AP-Groups when you want to use different Firmwares IMO. On SmartZone 100 e.g. it is not possible to select different Firmwares on AP-Zones only on Groups.


New Contributor II
The same question.
We have a vSZ-H running firmware and near 2000 APs.
About 700 APs are R300, ZF7782,ZF7982... and we know the N-2 (n minus two) firmware policy.
What is the best solution for us in future?

RUCKUS Team Member
AP firmware is set per AP Zone - so you need to create a new Zone for each version of AP code you wish to support.  You need to have Zones already created for AP's that will no longer be supported before upgrading so previous versions of code are available.  You cannot select older versions of code from new Zones once upgraded.

Check to see if the AP models are supported in new releases by reading the version release notes.

As an example - 7782 is last supported in 3.6.2, so it must be used in a Zone created in that version. Those 3.6.2 zones will be supported until 5.1.  You will not be able to upgrade to 5.2 until 3.6.2 Zones are deleted or upgraded.

New Contributor II
We are all aware of this, so in the future when we decide to move to 5.1.(5.2).... can we have 2 vSZ controllers?
Is it possible that we have one vSZ on the old 3.6.2 version (with older AP models) and the other on the latest version?