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audiosystem interference

I have a network of ZD3000 and 7 R500 access point in a conference room.
At the same time there is an audio system (Digiwave 2.0) in the conference room.
When audio system turned on there is a lot of packet loss on my wifi network.
When audio system turned off all become ok from the wifi.
After investigation audiosystem use also 2.4GHe band.
Can you give me a solution to fight againt this?

In my hotel case, the transmitters would use 20mhz wide channels (like wifi) but would switch channels automatically if they sense any interference, and there was no way of stopping them from doing so.... Very ugly system, but this is why our only solution was to remove the audio transmitters.

You could also consider running your APs on 5ghz only, as long as all the wifi clients are dual band.

I will check and let you know thank a lot

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@Andrea as bellow it seems spectrum analyser is not available?

you need to click on the AP's MAC address to see the AP details.  you will then see the button as shown below

Image_ images_messages_5f91c475135b77e247a9cbc9_1ada00c7a3e257fad71c6eea94fe9925_RackMultipart20160312128745ggp-6fa25e44-bbea-4059-b0cc-eecbeb4a73e2-1573112346.png1457805719