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For getting clients per AP via, there's nothing comes up. Any help will appreciated!!!

New Contributor II
Hi all!

I'm trying to do a 'Clients per AP' graph with The Dude software using SNMP.
After some research, I've found  is the right OID for total number of clients on each AP both form internet and ZD30xx_Syslog_Reference_Guide_9.6.pdf

Now I tried to use  as data source, but nothing comes up.

Any help will be appreciated!!!
Thanks a lot!!! 

Esteemed Contributor II
What version ZD firmware are you running?
You need to match the MIBs version.  The doc you mention is for ZD 9.6 firmware.

It's the latest available version I reckon.

It's the right OID for current versions, however there are a couple of complications. First, it's an SNMP table, not a single value and depending on the tools you're using they may not be querying it properly. Secondly you need to pull AP details from another table at and then match the line ID to match name to number of clients.

I'm using this script with Nagios/Icinga to do it

Yep, there really are a couple of complications!!!
Currently manually copy oids to excel from
Thanks for that 🙂

Trying to find a easier way like directly create data source from each AP in The Dude though.

Thank for the script! Unluckily My workplace uses The Dude, so I have to use that one, but thanks for the script!!