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Zoneflex R300 Ethernet port configurations

New Contributor II
I need the R300 to be an AP and the Ethernet port to accept DHCP from our offline server . so clients access the server through the R300. What is the recommended setting in the control panel? Help would be greatly appreciated!

Esteemed Contributor II
1)  I need the R300 to be an AP and the Eth port to accept DHCP from our "offline" server.

If you factory default an R300 AP, it will look for a DHCP IP address on the Eth port LAN.  (what do you mean "offine" DHCP server, active on the Eth of the AP though, right?)

You will need to look for the AP MAC address on your DHCP server lease table to determine it's IP address,
in order to open a browser for access, and to configure the WLAN for your clients.  (we recommend assigning
a static IP, outside the DHCP server scope, so you can always access your AP instead of using DHCP)

2)  so clients access the server thru the R300

If you configure a WLAN on the R300, the default VLAN 1, means "untagged" and drops your clients on the
same LAN as your AP.  Therefore, the client DHCP requests, will go to the same DHCP server that gave your
AP an address, which is what I think you are asking for?

New Contributor II
Thank you Michael for the fast reply.

I may have not explained correctly before:
1. The Ethernet port of the R300 out of the box has the instruction manual explaining adding as the gateway in order to first manage the router...
I'm looking to plug the port directly into the server ETH port. The server will be steaming video to about 150 WiFi clients connecting through the R300. The server itself will not be connected to the internet (offline).

The main question is: what is the best recommended configuration to achieve this and do you have instructions with a screenshot or two to help me configure it.

Apologies for my ignorance in this matter, I believe in remaining naive with new setups in order to avoid missing anything.

Thank you.

The recommendation is user WiFi also AP get dhcp from switch

Thank you for the reply, there is no switch. I'm only interested in the Ethernet port configuration as it will be directly wired to the server with cat5e cable and the settings to use in the R300 control panel to get it working. I would prefer that the ruckus supply the IP addresses and NAT it to the server.