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Zoneflex 7341 technical questions

New Contributor III
Hey guys,

I received some technical questions from a customer concerning the Ruckus Zoneflex 7341 access point:

1. #spatial streams supported
2. Max tx power (conducted), per tx chain
3. Peak antenna gain (dBi), per tx chain
4. Rx sensitivity per MCS
5. 802.11n optional features enabled or disabled: STBC tx/rx, MRC, LDPC, beamforming, etc, and if features controllable
6. Antenna radiation pattern (3D)

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

Best regards,
Koen Verbeeck

Valued Contributor
I have some answers

1. 2. That's what the 2 in the 2x2:2 means and it's also in the datasheet.
2. Complies with regulations
3. I think it's 6dB or something there about
4. Excellent
5. I don't think 7341 supports STBC or LDPC, but MRC and BF are there enabeled by default.
6. a donut shape. The AP has a silhouette simmilar to that so you can get an idea

Hope it helps