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ZoneFlex R310 not connecting to ZoneDirector 1200

New Contributor
Hi everyone, before getting started i'd like to thank everybody willing to help me with my struggle.

I'm currently setting up 6 ZoneFlex R310 APs on a ZoneDirector 1200 to spread 3 SSIDs for my company using 3 different VLANs.

All switch port configurations for VLANs where done.
Tested and working.

While all 6 APs where correctly working along with the ZD, one has disconnected for no apparent reason and hasn't connected again since then.

What i have tried was:

- Reset to Factory settings
- Set manually ZD's IP address to the AP
- Ping from the AP connectivity tool to the ZD (success)
- Try different FW version for the AP
- Switch the non working AP with a working one to see if the problem is from the AP or the switch (apparently it comes from the AP)
-Connect the AP directly on the switch wich the ZD is connected to.

All and nothing, i've tried a lot of things, everything i could do but i'm stuck with this issue.

By the way i am using ZD FW version build 7512.0.1.0 and AP FW version (on all APs) is R310_110.

Thanks for reading and hope that someone has clues to give me, ask me if you need more informations on the network topology.

Best regards.


Esteemed Contributor II
I don't know your network, and especially if using VLANs, but can you put the problem AP on the same switch as your ZD, with similar port settings regarding VLANs?

If you follow our defaults, your ZD management VLAN should be untagged (typically VLAN 1), and there needs to be a DHCP server/Def-gw on that LAN.

Power cycle your AP when setup on the switch, and watch your Monitor/APs page to see if you see that AP activity.

You can also preset your Diagnostics/Debug for your AP MAC address, to help focus on it's activity after being rebooted on the ZD LAN.