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ZoneDirector 1200 R500 and problem with Bridge DHCP "relay"

New Contributor III

Hello people.

Could you help us with this problem? 

We have a ZD1200 build 218 and Ruckus 500 deployed. No mesh, all AP connected directly to to network switches. No VLAN for the SSID that we use for the Bridge clients, VLAN1 default.

We have several client bridges Netgear WAC120. That are the only device that we find, capable to connect to the AP Ruckus, and the wired clients can get DHCP address from our DHCP Windows 2012.

Works only at 50%, becasue we have a lot of troubles, but can be problem of Netgear.

To test it, we bought several Wireless Bridge and Routers (using it as Bridge Of course), but we can ́t make it work for Asus, Linksys and Other Netgear Devices....

The Bridge Clients connect fine, the wired devices can ́t get the ip address, we test to put a fixed ip address, but we can ́t reach the network.

Any Sugestion? We already opened a case with support, but we need some experienced opnions.



Hi Team,

I may have fired the shots early, the best way to diagnose issue and then act accordingly.

I assumed that Wired clients on the bridge end were not getting IP, if that is true please disable Directed DHCP which would resolve your problem.

Below are the commands to disable directed DHCP on AP and from ZD respectively.

rkscli: set qos directedDHCP
usage: set qos directedDHCP {enable|disable}

From ZD CLI in debug mode: remote_ap_cli –A “set qos directedDHCP disable”

ruckus# debug
You have all rights in this mode.
ruckus(debug)# remote_ap_cli

usage: remote_ap_cli [-q] {-a ap_mac | -A } "cmd arg1 arg2 .."
       excute AP CLI command in remote AP
       -A ; all connected AP's
       -q ; do not show result
       cmd ; Ruckus CLI, e.g. "get station wlan0 list"


Please check the below link,

Abilash PR.

Ok, i understand. I think that i make this test. but only on one AP, and i can ́t get dhcp working on any bridge, even in the working ones...

I will check it a test it again.


The directed DHCP will most probably solve it. I had the same issue using some tplink repeaters in client mode trying to pair them to some h510 APS


Seems that disable directedDHCP solve the problem. But only on 2.4Ghz mode.

If i connect my wireles cliento on a 2.4Ghz seems works fine.
If i do the same on the same SSID but in the 5ghz frecuency, dosn ́t works good.

Does this make any sense?

that is very weird (that it doesn't work on the 5GHz band). on the bridge clients I tested it it was 5ghz clients... and the setting is global (not per radio or per SSID).. very stange.
is there any chance you can do a packet capture ?