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Zone director 3000 started cold rebooting continuously after upgrade the firmware 9.8.2

New Contributor II
Zone director 3000 (50 Ap's licensed) which running fine with the firmware 9.7.2,  with the Ap's ZF7962 - 6No's  & ZF7982 - 14 No's, we had recently purchased the additional R700 Ap's.
Since the R700 Ap's support only from the 9.8.1 firmware, we had upgraded the WiFi Controller (ZD-3000) to 9.8.2., the firmware was upgraded successfully, after 5 min the Zone director 3000 started cold rebooting continuously & we were unable to access the controller through WEB & CLI,
Even i tried by remove the power & waited for 5 min, the power on the Controller, it was accessible only for 3-5 min, after that we were not able to access the controller through WEB & CLI,

Can some one please help us what exactly the issue,

New Contributor II

The Controller work fine & it never reboot if i remove from the Network,
Also i added only R-700 Ap's still it was working fine, the problem is repeating only when i bring all the ZF7982 Ap's in to production.

Valued Contributor II
i "think" one or more AP is sending a corrupt packet to controller which is causing the controller to reboot.

You should work with support to get it fixed. in the meantime, just re-upgrade your controller to same firmware and see if it helps.

Esteemed Contributor II
Reduce ZD overhead by disabling Real Time Monitoring, Packet Inspection Filter, and/or Application Recognition on your WLANs. To help with troubleshooting, on your Administer/Diagnostics page, check the "Access Points" debug component, and if you have problems with all APs connected to the network again, open a ticket with Support and provide your ZD debug info file for their deeper inspection.

New Contributor II
I Found a issue with one of the AP, this particular AP was going offline intermediately,
I have removed this AP from the network, now everything looks fine & issue has been resolved.