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SSID limit on R710 access points

New Contributor II

Be aware - the R710 running firmware currently has an enforced SSID limit of 13.

Is this a feature or a bug? 

Is this going to be carried forward on future R710 f/w updates ?

Rolling out R710's at sites with 150-200 AP's only to find we have to shuffle SSID groups to maintain 'before & after' connectivity structure at the site.  I understand the SSID Beaconing efficiency issue with a large number of SSID's however customers requirements often overrule this (as least in the short term) and we can't redesign the network at such short notice during an upgrade.

Was not well received by the end users at any of our sites.......     


Valued Contributor II

According to the R710 datasheet, it's up to 16 BSSIDs per radio. Now, I presume that is inclusive of a handful of SSIDs used by meshing, and maybe something else too. So somewhere close to 13 sounds like it's the limit.

It's good feedback though, and it'd be worth hearing from Ruckus whether this limit is temporary or permanent. 

Yes JD, I thought the same however the Release Notes of 9.12 state:

• 13 Service WLAN support on 5GHz radio

• 13 Service WLAN support on 2GHz radio 

I thinking this is a short term workaround for other (potential) issues.

We also notice ZD CPU memory usage spikes regularly now to 50-60% with R710 's running at all sites a R710's running .  Way in excess of what you normally see on a ZD-3000 in the past. 

Valued Contributor II
That is a good point -- it does sound a bit like a short term workaround for something. But the difference between 13 and 16 max SSIDs doesn't sound like a lot... but maybe it makes/breaks your case.

I was an early adopter of the R700 and I remember from that experience that it took a few months (and a few ZF releases) to iron out some of the initial glitches with the R700. However, on the bright side, the device's lifespan far outlives that initial period and eventually Ruckus resolved all the issues I was experiencing and I know it wasn't because of anything I did because I'm just a lowly home office user 🙂

I guess it's part of the "fun" of being an early adopter. I'm quite envious of your large R710 deployment though!