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Zone Flex 7341 access point, without wireless configuration on page.

New Contributor
Hello, guys I have a doubt about the ZoneFlex 7341 access point, it has no longer to WIRELESS configuration option, already tried changing various firmware but nothing worked. Can someone help me?

New Contributor III
Hello Joao,

Sounds to me that you are expecting the AP to be in standalone mode. If you don't see the wireless configuration section when using the user interface the AP may have joined a ZD in the past and the AP is now expecting to join that ZD again.

To verify, click on the device link under the "Status" heading. In the main window look down about 11 lines and you should see "Ruckus Zone Director IP address". If there is an address there then the AP will try to join that Zone Director.

You can factory reset the AP to get it back in standalone mode.

Let me know if this answered your question?