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ZF7982 product installation << modification suggestions

Contributor II
ZF7982 Noob observations:

1. Mounting template (paper diagram provided) should include all 4 mounting points, not just the two prime ones.
2. Included mounting screws (too long and the screw head should include phillips or torx) and plastic anchors should be more substantial.
3. The bottom side trim should include adjacent notches for the ethernet cable to be connected without the cable being bent around the .
4. The fancy locking mechanism (anti-theft) is annoying for most enterprise environments. Provide a method to semi-permanently disable the locking pin.
5. 7982 Quick Setup Guide p/n "800-70362-001 Rev E" lists a "Security screw," which was not included in any of the 7982's recently purchased. Nor is it obvious where a security screw would even be installed.

We use a fold-out set of hex keys (sorta pocket-knife style) instead of a paperclip to push the unlock mechanism.
It's still a pain in the butt, but the hex key fits snugly enough that it usually doesn't pop out on it's own.
This often scuffs up or widens the "paperclip" hole.

It seems to me that the unlock mechanism should "click" and stay open until it's pushed a second time. That would be much easier.

failing that...

Maybe some kind of tool could hold the spring-looking slide-lever on the back of the AP while you're putting it up?
I haven't found any way to do it that way.

Contributor III
Does anyone else have problems w/ the 7982 not hanging straight?
The standard mounting points are not along the center of mass of the device.
I sometimes end up stuffing napkins above the high-side of the unit (attempting to get it to sit straight) and then (sometimes) the AP leans hard enough to lift a ceiling tile.

And... There should be a better way to protect the T-bar when using ceiling clips.
I often see drop-ceiling T-bars w/ paint scraped off of them where the ceiling clip was put on.

And.. if I pre-bend the clips (to make them less likely to scratch) sometimes they end up sitting loose on the T-bar.

I use a black composite shim (clipped to length) from Lowes (oem True Line Mold Inc - Timberwolf composite shiims 12pk upc#8-52981-00200-5).

I "break" to length (hand snapping shim to length at one of many grooves is easy). I place shim between the ruckus provided drop ceiling hangers.

How do you avoid having the AP push against the ceiling tile?
Do you wedge the shims between the white plastic separator piece and the ceiling-grid's T-Bar?

We use the included grid extenders, remove the cushioned feet from the AP, and shim between the plastic spacer and the AP.

Not perfect but it is an "ok" work-around for us.

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