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ZF7762 and other brands repeaters

New Contributor
We installed a ZF7762 at a client's residence and everything works fine. When you connect to the wlan (test purpose wlan, no authentication) your client correctly gets an IP address from DHCP, gateway and DNS server. Now the client wants to extend the wifi connection into a few apartments where the signal does not reach strong enough. He tried a TP-Link TL-WA801ND configured as a repeater. The TP-Link connects to the ZF7762 (ZF7762's MAC shows up in the connected devices list on the repeater), but if you connect to the TP-Link repeater nothing comes through (DHCP not working, no ping response even setting static IP address on the client). Same repeater works fine extending a Cisco aironet wlan. Could it be a compatibility problem of some kind?