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ZF7343 with AppleTV3 and iPad 3 - AirPlay very unreliable

New Contributor II
Hi there,

A home network is set up with a ZF7343 AP (no ZoneDirector) for wifi access (firmware version, and for the most part, this works extremely well - wireless performance is excellent even when many many devices are online.

However, there is an Apple TV 3 (current firmware) that we're having trouble to get AirPlay to work consistently with. There are two iPhones (4S and 5) and two iPads (2 and 3) commonly used in this house. All of them see AirPlay available only every now and then, mostly right after the iOS device or the ATV unit have been rebooted, but not always then either.

Once they do see AirPlay on their units, playback is smooth, but sometimes it just disappears.

No password for the AirPlay functionality is defined.

Neither the ATV nor the i*-devices have any general network trouble - they can access for instance Netflix with no problems.

"Packet Forward" for the WLAN being used is set to "Bridge to WAN". Since both the ATV and the iOS devices are connected through WLAN, I'm thinking the problem could be here, but that is just a guess.

Any ideas on how I could approach this?

Very thankful for any suggestions!

New Contributor
I am having the same issue. We have several Apple TVs (10+) connected to televisions around the office and access to them is spotty at best. I've been very happy with Ruckus APs up to this point but it's a little embarrassing when people tell me it "used to work great" when we were only using an Apple Airport access point.

We have four ZF 7372 access points installed around the building (no ZoneDirector). Each is using the same SSID for the main WLAN. AP bridge is enabled on the wlan, and I've confirmed that directed multicast is disabled, as mentioned above. All four APs are running Any Apple TVs that are hardwired seem to work properly but any that use the wireless network disappear or fail to work properly most of the time.

We've also noticed a similar issue when using Reflector (by AirSquirrels) to mirror an iPad to a desktop computer. Users repeatedly complain their iPads can't see the desktop when using Airplay with the wireless.

Rebooting the access points will sometimes work but only about 50% of the time and it never lasts.

Are there any updates or new solutions to this issue?