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ZD9.9 and 7962APs?

Any hope that 7962 APs will, one day, be compatible with version 9.9?

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I'd refer back to the alexf comment from 3 months ago (last two comments on previous page).

"It is an old thread but still painful for those of us having zf7962.

zf7962 are no longer supported:

-           You can approve them on a ZD running a higher version than 9.8 but they will appear disconnected on the ZD webUI.

-          You will see the message like the following “ 2015/11/26  08:50:43     Medium Model[zf7962] is not supported; connection request from AP[00:25:c4:xx:xx:xx] refused The management of zf7962 should be done on another controller."

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Doesn't specifically mention he was using 9.9 or higher but the inference is that anything after 9.8.3 is not going to work.      7962 supported (July 2015 last rel notes for 9.8 line) 7962 not (Dec 2014 first rel notes for 9.9 - that's date on doc, assume misprint for 2015)