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ZD3050 with ZF7363 Software build 220 sporadic watchdog timeout

New Contributor

I am having an issue with one of my ZF7363 APs. We have a ZD3050 controlling 54 7363s. One of them keeps rebooting every 2 days or so, and the only reason I was able to catch was the following:

2014/04/25 16:05:46 Medium AP[AP12 - C205] joins with uptime [72] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : watchdog timeout ]
2014/04/25 16:05:30 Medium AP[AP12 - C205] heartbeats lost

It isn't causing an issue but I am concerned it may be affecting the life of the AP. I looked in previous release notes and this issue was apparently fixed in 9.4.2 and again in 9.5.1. I am currently at Can anyone help me shed some light on the situation please?