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ZD3050 with ZF7363 Software build 220 sporadic watchdog timeout

New Contributor

I am having an issue with one of my ZF7363 APs. We have a ZD3050 controlling 54 7363s. One of them keeps rebooting every 2 days or so, and the only reason I was able to catch was the following:

2014/04/25 16:05:46 Medium AP[AP12 - C205] joins with uptime [72] s and last disconnected reason [AP Restart : watchdog timeout ]
2014/04/25 16:05:30 Medium AP[AP12 - C205] heartbeats lost

It isn't causing an issue but I am concerned it may be affecting the life of the AP. I looked in previous release notes and this issue was apparently fixed in 9.4.2 and again in 9.5.1. I am currently at Can anyone help me shed some light on the situation please?

Valued Contributor II
Sometimes excessive PHY errors (interference) can trigger symptoms like that. Are you able to swap that AP with another to see if the problem follows the AP?

Valued Contributor II
Usually watchdog timeout happens when some crucial process gets stuck and does not respond. Post which Watchdog hits the reboot button to bring the AP back into operation. There are many reasons why this would happen like software, hardware and killer interference as Keith pointed out:

I would suggest to do the following:

If it is interference related then you can go for what Keith suggested or turn off the WLAN service for 2.4 ghz on that AP for few days to see if it stops the problem or not. if it does then you know that it is interference related. Note: when you turn off 2.4ghz WLAN service then there is are NO 2.4ghz WLAN(s) available on that AP.

Another option is you can perform and hard reset the AP

New Contributor
I will check these suggestions and try to remember to let you know if it helps! Thanks for the suggestions.

Contributor III
There is now a linux script that will show you how much uptime there is for each AP on your controller.

Let me know if you have any trouble installing/running it.