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New Contributor
I have 4 APs R720 which use firmware and ZD1200 Controller which use 9.9 version of firmware.The problem i have i was recommanded to download the 9.12 AG and upgrade the controller firmware.i download the 9.12version and when i want to upgrade its returns me this message:"The support entitlement file is missing or invalid. Please contact Ruckus Support for further assistance."may i have your help please.

Community Manager
Community Manager
You need to have a valid support contract on the ZD in order to upgrade it to any version.

If you already have a support contract, please download the entitlement file from the below link and upload it on the controller under Administrator> Support and try the upgrade.

If you don't have a support contract, then reach out to your partner or local sales and buy one for the controller.

- Anusha