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Is Ruckus selling direct to enterprise?

I manage a ZD3050 with 100 ZF7372. Obviously it's the end of the line. The support and offering from vendors has been less than ideal. Every vendor seem to prefer to sell one manufacturer over the other based on their incentive.
I would like to find out what the current offering from Ruckus is. We want a cloud controller, for sure, to not have to maintain reliable links to our internal ZD from remote offices.

If Ruckus has a sales department I'd like to hear from them!

New Contributor III
Ruckus they selling through partners if you like we can recommend a good product line and solution fit your need we are expert on that

Valued Contributor
Hi Victor,

Ruckus now have a cloud network management product that can manage Ruckus APs and ICX switches:

You can register for a 60-day trial account that comes with a free AP here:

To find a Ruckus partner in your locality please check here:

Please let me know if you require any further details.

Best regards,