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ZD1200 (GA)- "Force DHCP Option". Issue with Roaming?

New Contributor III

I've had a problem with Roaming between APs (with 802.11R and 802.11K enabled) on the same WLAN.

Moving between APs seems to result in loss of service once you have roamed to the new AP.

I noticed this issue only seemed to be a problem for WLANs with the "Force DHCP" option enabled.

Turning off the "Force DHCP" option (ie the timeout if DHCP address is not assigned) seems to resolve the issue.

However, I can't see why this would be.

Roaming between APs shouldn't require any DHCP intervention.

Anyone have any ideas why this option might cause problems in roaming?

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Could it be a bug in the new 10.0 release perhaps?

Kind Regards,


I believe you should only set the force DHCP option when the client will roam between different IP subnets.

New Contributor III

Thanks for the response.

The user manual says this:-

Force DHCP
: Enable this option to force clients to obtain a valid IP address from
DHCP within the specified number of seconds. This prevents clients configured with
a static IP address from connecting to the WLAN. Additionally, if a client performs
Layer 3 roaming between different subnets, in some cases the client sticks to the
former IP address. This mechanism optimizes the roaming experience by forcing
clients to request a new IP address.

It states it should also prevent staticly addressed devices connecting as well- even if not roaming between subnets.

You make a good point- but I'm still not sure why the feature should have the impact I am seeing (within a subnet).

Kind Regards,