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[ ZD1100 ] To support ZoneFlex 7352

New Contributor
Hi All,

I have an Zone Director 1100 with this Version build 8 (fresh out from the box) and a few AP ZoneFlex 7352. Manage to Approve this model in my zonedirector but have an error saying "Model[zf7352] is not supported for Ethernet port configuration." i been advice to upgrade my zonedirector firmware but when i reach the support website it require a premium support. But would updating my firmware really solve this problem? i really can't pay if it still have the same problem.

Valued Contributor II
The 7352 requires a minimum version of ZoneFlex software (9.5.1 if memory serves). You can register your new products at and the website will upgrade your account to Premium status for the remainder of your software warranty (which is ~90days from shipment +-). That should take care of you for this situation, but once the warranty runs out your account will revert back to guest status.

The WatchDog support program provides both advance replacement on your controller as well as technical support access and software upgrades so I do recommend you look into that.

New Contributor
Thanks Keith Redfield,

After upgrade the Zone Director 1100 firmware to the latest, was able to use ZD to control the zoneflex 7352. So far this manage to solve the problem. Thanks again.

New Contributor
hi am experiencing some kind of same problem as you, can you help me out in installing my ap7352 with the zone director such that all the aps broadcast same ssid throughout the coverage area.
Thank you 

Valued Contributor
Hi Gopaul,

Can you provide some more information on your situation.
What ZD do you have ? Which version running ? amount of APs ?