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ZD1100 - Rollback to 9.8.3 for out of support use?

I have a ZD1100 that I have retired and replaced with ZD1200. I also have some ZF-7363 that are retired. I wanted to donate these to a local church to allow for them to setup Wi-Fi. I had upgraded the ZD1100 to 9.10 before it was retired last summer. My question is can I roll back the ZD1100 to 9.8.3 and allow it to be used in an unsupported but functional way? If not is this equipment simply recycling trash now?

New Contributor
You may want to stick with the 9.7.x code according to this document:

I used 9.10 without issue for a few months so that wasn't an issue in our environment at least. Where it will be used they will most likely have one SSID anyway so probably won't be an issue.

Valued Contributor
Running ZD1100 with 24 APs (half 7363 half R500) with and  6 WLANS since release.

I don't notice any client problems (in relatively low density school environment). However do notice that ZD gui lags on refresh but liveable.

Think you would be fine on 9.10.
Still take note of the document recommendations as referenced by Charles V:

 Disable all unused services, for example IPv6, Application/OS Detection, Rogue Detection, etc.  Ensure the L2 switches and the L2 networks are properly engineered to minimize the amount of broadcast and multicast traffic seen by the AP.  With Mesh enabled, it is recommended not to deploy more than 6 WLANs on the AP  It is recommended to limit the number of clients on each radio to less than 70.  It is recommended to limit overall total client traffic to below 45 Mbps for unicast. It is recommended to limit multicast / broadcast traffic to less than 5Mbps.